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RPG Characters

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This is a Role Playing Game characters sheet manager.With a flexible structure that can be used with different games.A nice alternative to paper.Features:- templates: define the fields of the sheet, name, type, values, borders, images, notes;- characters: choose a template, fill the fields;- multiple pages structure with swipe navigation;- field icons (extra color icons in adfree version);- set characters images from the device Gallery;- send characters / templates by email; export characters in HTML;- sample Radiance RPG template included.Notes:- calculated fields accepts: + - / * % and some math functions like abs, floor, ceil, sqrt, etc.- if you find a bug or something didn't work as expected please contact me so I can correct the problem.- special thanks to Dario Nardi for Radiance RPG ( there are few templates/characters included because I have to contact the editors to ask permission and it's not easyKeywords:rpg, rpg sheets, rpg tools